CHARA: (kara) [Greek] joy, gladness; the joy received from you; the cause or occasion of joy.
SOUND: what is heard; in good condition, thorough, effective; find depth of water; ascertain /probe; a channel

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“Prayer” (for piano solo) by Rosemary Duxbury


Record Label

Piano music, viola, cello, oboe, string orchestra & harp


MUSIC: Piano Music, Viola, Cello, Oboe, String orchestra & harp

Mirrors of Light

The 21st century piano music of Rosemary Duxbury. Performed by Patricia Siffert. Recorded at Potton Hall, Suffolk. To purchase this recording please go to SHOP. Visit our facebook site to “Like” and be kept updated about further news.

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On Wings of Light

Instrumental music of Rosemary Duxbury for piano solo, viola, cello and oboe. Patricia Siffert (piano) as soloist and accompanist to Catherine Musker (viola), Tony Hinnigan (cello), both members of the Michael Nyman band and Rosemary Curtis (oboe).

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Music for piano solo, string orchestra & harp (price £12.99 inc. p&p). Piano solo: Patricia Siffert Orchestra: Sinfonica Aosta (conductor: Emmanuel Siffert) CS2RD01.

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FEATURED ARTISTS: Music, Photography, Poetry, Art

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Patricia Siffert

Swiss classical pianist, she performs as a soloist and chamber musician.

Marion Fawlk

British poet and artist. Divides her time between Gloucestershire, England and Fez, Morocco.

Rosemary Duxbury

British composer. Work includes pieces for piano, chamber groups, orchestra, choir and songs.

Alan Hames

Recording engineer for Charasound with a passion for sound, photography and making short films.

Annette Horn

British photographer Annette Horn lives and works in Germany.

Frances Marsh

British artist of watercolour veil paintings, based in Gloucestershire, England.